N.E. Building Maintenance Worries?

Building maintenance worries are problems you can do without...

But you can solve them:

A planned maintenance programme that’s tailored to your needs can help you reduce these risks, and avoid much greater costs. We can carry out a free survey to look at what you need, and then recommend the right programme for you.

For example:

  • Inspecting your roof and clearing your gutters at key times of the year
  • Clearing your drains and cleaning your gullies
  • Inspecting and maintaining your plumbing, heating and ventilation
  • Checking your ironmongery
  • Carrying out planned decoration
  • Maintaining your grounds

Isn’t it scary how quickly a small problem can cause a much bigger one?

Imagine this:

  • A loose door hinge can lead to a broken closer or a damaged frame causing a fire risk
  • Leaves piling up in a gutter can lead to water ingress in your building
  • A leaking tap can mean water (and money) pouring down the drain
  • A damaged or worn floor can lead to slips, trips or falls

Disruption can happen all too easily - with costly and unexpected repairs.