We build commercial and residential properties to be proud of...

The land we build our houses on is carefully selected to be  suitable for medium sized developments. Our house designs are highly individual, sympathetic to the environment and relevant to the needs of the local area.

Rather than being driven by the cost constraints of larger organisations, we concentrate on quality, working to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

In addition to building speculative residential properties, we develop affordable housing in partnership with registered social landlords. We also have wide experience of constructing health centres, leisure centres,  commercial buildings and other prestigious contracts.

What people say about us...

"Accordingly today, NE Cox have deployed new systems and software to deliver site specific project planning, resource procurement, training and defined communication controls to enable the construction teams to work within safe, responsible and efficient construction environments, with an understanding of the correct regulatory requirements, building practices and technical knowledge.  With risk management in mind these developments continue to drive a successful quality product within determined time and cost controls.”

"NE Cox successfully makes the complexity and trauma of building appears simple and smooth.   They provide industry best practice procedures used by the large nationals, whilst maintain the advantages of a competitive and accessible regional presence."

"Would I recommend them? YES!”

Daniel Hurd Associates, Chartered Architects